An experiential, inspirational preschool where teachers, parents and children can learn from each other and their community to create a better world around them.

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What can I say about the West Asheville Playschool? I have three very different children who all went through the playschool- it is an amazing place, where not only is each child SEEN for who they are, but they are given the tools and the encouragement and the knowledge to not only develop more into themselves, but also to care about others nearby and far away, and to work hard (yes, even at 4 years old) to change what is unjust in this world. All while having hilarious, exploratory fun with creative play, lots of time outside, reading, dancing, building, and making music and art. The teacher are passionate about children, and about helping your child become the best selves they can be. This is one of the greatest gift I will ever give my kids!

-Julie Ruch, Nurse Practioner, 6 year West Asheville Playschool teaching parent.

The West Asheville Playschool environment is strategically set up to encourage learning in a fun, self-paced, individualized, and meaningful environment. Some of my favorite memories of fun include choosing to learn how to write his name because he saw others attempting to write as he signed up for jobs each morning, practicing saying his number to 20 because he heard another child reciting them, learning about and creating a project on the boa constrictor, and choosing to study the music of Bob Marley. To this day, his favorite way to express himself and his learning is through self-directed projects. My son found his creativity and love of learning at the playschool and I will continue to direct other families to experience the community and kindness that Louise and her loving teachers create for children and families.

-Donna Paxon, Reading Specialist, Elementary Teacher in Kenya, Jamaica & China

My son, now heading to middle school, enrolled in Playschool when he was 3. We made great friends, learned about each other, and the play-based student led model prepared him perfectly for Kindergarden. When our daughter was ready for preschool there was no question about the right place for her as well! I can't imagine a more compassionate, caring, and fun community to be part of.

-Rachel Figura, PTO President Vance Elementary School

Ahhhh the West Avl Playschool. What sweet years my children had with imaginative play, with a variety of daily art experiences, with super motivated and engaged teachers, and with tender friendships- where the kids were led in clear and loving communication. I'll be forever grateful for all they experienced and learned!

-Rachel Flaherty, mother of 4 boys

West Asheville Cooperative Playschool was a learning heaven for our two boys. They loved the at-home projects, child-centered art and unstructured-yet-productive playtime. The art shows in public spaces and graduation still stand out in my mind. Louise and her colleagues are pure genius and magic.

-Ona Armstrong, Lead Kindergarten Teacher, Evergreen Community Charter School