West Asheville Cooperative Playschool
An experiential, inspirational preschool where teachers,
parents and children can learn from each other and
their community to create a better world around them.

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Quote of the month:We always talk about how we need to make the world better for our kids...We also need to make the kids better for our world. -Martin Marlota

News and Highlights
  • Summer camp is now updated on the website! Sign up before they fill up!! Tell your friends!
  • HUGE THANK YOU TO JEFF FOR COMING IN TO TEACH ON APRIL 1St!!! We really appreciate it!
  • Enrollment fees for new families due May 1st.
  • Blueberries:  We had a great week enjoying our ice cream and flower shop in dramatic play. We explored variations of the story The Frog Prince, acrostic poetry which a few children wrote and shared at circle time, discussed the difference between frogs and toads, played a lot of Frog, Frog, Toad (duck, duck, goose) during outside time as well as musical lily pads to Froggy went a Courtin' during circle time.  We have begun to discuss how we can help the Earth and have encouraged the children to begin to set their "green goals" with their families for their April projects.  We also talked about how to save water in the bathroom and demonstrated teeth brushing with and without the water running as a science exploration.  We have begun our "frog's life" mandala project with watercolor and salt resist and will continue this next week.  Erin has been working on origami frogs with the kids and we enjoyed a special musical guest, Suzanne (Elias' grandma) who brought in her hammered dulcimer to play and sing for us. The kids are very excited to learn more about frogs next week!  Yay!

  • Greenbeans: The Greenbeans had a great start to their month of green and growing.  We planted zinnias and radishes, made earths to decorate our windows, made seed collages and did Van Gogh inspired sunflower paintings.  Thanks to Sara for spending extra time in the classroom while Meghan was out of town!  This week we will make paper and decorate cloth shopping bags as we continue to talk about the power little people have to make big changes in the world.
  • Artshow:  Definitely having an opening on Friday April 25th 5-7at the Hop West.  As discussed at our parent meeting, we are concerned about the amount of space available so will be tentatively scheduling a second opening date Saturday April 26th 2-4 so you can choose which one best works for your family!   
  • Graduation:  To accomodate the changes made to other school calendars we are moving our graduation date to Friday June 13.  Both classes will have a full week of school that week.  
  • Farmer's Market:  Please contact me if interested in helping to organize a spring farmer's market fundraiser!  
  • Thank yous-Hallie for buying and delivering sand for the sandbox, Windy and Carolyn for covering snow make up day, Susan and Sara for covering Meghan and Louise's spring break! Thank you to our wonderful musical guests this month: Katya and Paul Young, Duke (cayenne's dad) for bringing amazing bagpipe guy, Lela for sending in her neighbors to play cello and stand up bass, Cayenne, Kari Richmond, Steve Newman.
  • WISHLIST-new sandbox, ipod and docking unit for classroom, new used vacuum (with wheels)
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZBfOEMwymc (KebMo Lovetrain video shared by Heather Nagle to go with our Love around the world month)
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHAqT4hXnMw (We are the Planets-Storybot video shown for Space month)
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P2nPI6CTlc (TED talk Overcoming Hopelessness)
    • Adora Svitak: What Adults Can Learn From Kids-- http://www.ted.com/talks/adora_svitak.html
    • Old Fashioned Play builds Serious Skills article: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=19212514
    • http://youtu.be/Wpr6QgQco6c Check out this great video Erin found about Living Young!

    • Check out this fabulous video Melissa shared: http://theawesomer.com/kid-president-pep-talk/215380/
    • www.ot-mom-learning-activities.com Great website for Fine Motor Skill strengthening ideas as well as pencil and scissor grasp help!
    • Please check out our contact page to schedule a visit! contact us.